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How To Garmin Connect Mobile App and sync of Data with the App

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With the Garmin Connect app on your smart device, you'll easily sync the Garmin data with the various devices which can help in preventing any data loss that happened thanks to the unexpected event. you'll keep the track of workout, training plans, health stats, calendar events and segments in the Garmin connect app.

Install Garmin connect mobile app and sync the Garmin data with it
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If you've got already installed the app on your device, then no got to download it again. Yes, if you've got not downloaded the app yet, then first download it. the subsequent are the minimum requirements that have got to be satisfied together with your device.

For Android OS: A firmware version must be higher or adequate to 4.4. The Bluetooth must version should be above 4.0.

Apple iOS: A version should be above 10.0.

Windows phone: OS 10 or higher is suggested

After downloading the app on the device from the respective app store, you need to launch it. Create your Garmin connect account if you don’t have it.

  1. Login with the registered email address.
  2. Connect the Garmin device to the smartphone.
  3. Add the Garmin device and complete the setup process by executing the on-screen instructions.
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