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Canon Printer Drivers


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Switching to the canon printer and its canon printer driver will lessen your work while taking printouts, whether in conventional or advanced color printing format. Moreover, the Canon printer drivers(PRDs) are programs or software that allow a computer to link with a printer and send commands for prints to the printer. Also, the canon printer drivers are responsible for converting the data into a printed format; only the printer will deliver the printouts. Furthermore, the Canon printer driver also commands the printer regarding color usage and printing format. If you want to access the more features of the Canon printer driver, you can visit the website ij.start.cannon. Even downloading the Canon printer driver for free, you can visit the website ij.start.cannon to experience the expected print outcomes.

The downwards steps will guide you regarding how to download the Canon printer drivers using ij.start.cannon website:-

  • In the first step, visit the website ij.start.cannon. It is a safe and official website of Canon. Then, open a compatible and safe or protected web browser. After doing this, type ij.start.cannon correctly in the Address bar, and press the Enter Key. Then it will automatically redirect you to the home of Canon.
  • In the second step, to start the Canon printer drivers process, click on the Setup tab; after doing so, the Product Name Window will appear on your screen. Also, it is necessary to enter your specific printer model name into the search field. Then, click the Go button, and the product download window will appear on your screen.
  • In the third step, you must choose between different OS versions to check the printer driver compatibility with your operating system. To do this, go to the OS field in the upper-right corner and select an appropriate OS version. Afterward, you will see a Download button at the center of the screen; click on it to download the Canon printer driver.
  • The Canon printer will be downloaded to your system in the final step. Also, it is advised not to swap between screens, as it may create issues during the software downloading process. Once the downloading process ends, you can move to the next stage for ij.start.cannon setup.

Setup the Canon Printer Setup-

When you have completed the Canon Printer Drivers downloading process via ij.start.cannon, move on to the further canon printer setup method. There are two ways to connect; based on your hardware specification. These two ways are mentioned below:

  • Wireless Setup: The advanced technology printer has a wireless connection feature. Therefore, go to the Wireless Settings screen on your printer. Now, select the Wireless LAN Setup Wizard, and connect to the Wi-Fi to whom you will pair up the computer.
  • USB Connection: If your printer is not wireless friendly, you can use the USB cable for connection. As the cable already comes with a printer, you do not need to purchase it from outside. Now, check the cable and insert one end of the USB cable to the computer and the other to the Printer. And, here you are, done with the canon printer setup.

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