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Best Garmin Connect AutoSync Integration

It’s now even easier to urge your planned, structured workouts from TrainingPeaks to your Garmin device. With the new Garmin Connect AutoSync feature, you'll sync more workouts with more flexibility to more devices directly through Garmin Connect without using the TrainingPeaks Daily Workout IQ app. This integration offers a seamless training experience by allowing you to plan and make structured workouts in TrainingPeaks, precisely execute and track those workouts in real-time using your Garmin device, then provide in-depth analysis of the performance upon completion.

Get Started

You can start using the new AutoSync feature by connecting your TrainingPeaks and Garmin Connect Login accounts here. If you're already using the Garmin Connect Autosync to send completed activities from your device to TrainingPeaks via Garmin Connect, you’ll tend the choice to feature the planned workout sync. If you’ve never used the Garmin Connect Autosync, you'll found out both the planned and completed sync.

The next time your device syncs with Garmin Connect, your planned structured workouts are going to be sent to your device. counting on the model of your Garmin device your workouts will sync wirelessly using BLUETOOTH® technology, Wi-Fi® connectivity, LTE, USB cable, or persist with ANT+® technology to upload your completed workouts through Garmin Express. Find more information about getting your workouts from your Garmin Connect Calendar to your device here.

What’s different?

If you’re already using the Training Peaks Daily Workout IQ app to sync your planned workouts, you’ll notice a couple of changes once you found out the new Calendar Sync

  1. AutoSync your workouts. All of your future eligible workouts will sync to your Garmin Connect calendar and be available on your device. This means that if you decide at the last minute that you need to do tomorrow’s workout today, you can just select that workout from the list of workouts through the Calendar or Training Plan option on your device.
  2. Instant updates. Any edits made to planned workouts in TrainingPeaks by you or your coach (adding, removing, rescheduling, or editing the actual workout structure) will instantly update in the Garmin Connect Calendar and on your device the next time it syncs with Garmin Connect (most newer Bluetooth devices sync with the Garmin Connect mobile app regularly in the background).
  3. Older devices now compatible. This includes all Edge cycling computers back to the 500, the Forerunner 910XT and 920XT watches, and the Fenix watches back to the original Fenix 3. All can now take advantage more easily of TrainingPeaks structured workouts
  4. Speed and reliability. Previously, to get workouts onto your Garmin device you would need to download, install, and set up the Daily Workout IQ app, which required a separate login and authorization. By using the built-in Calendar, training plan, and workout features on your device instead of the IQ app, the entire process of syncing planned workouts to your device will happen automatically. Once you have the Calendar Sync set up and working, we recommend removing the TrainingPeaks Daily Workout IQ app from your device (it won’t interfere with the new Calendar sync, but removing it will free up a little space and give you one less item to scroll through in your list of apps).

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